aiko_outofsight (aiko_outofsight) wrote in theneutralclub,

Midnight Bowl of Rice

It's amazing how I
How they
my brain processes us as still close, still friends..almost pathetic, how my predator light fails to turn on, how I'm stuck in the dark..again-i won't rely on your false promises, they only lure me in the open, vulnerable, alone..fragile to your derisions and disappointed hopes blanket my mud colored eyes like water stains..forgive me, my rambling disturbed your sleep.i can tell-you roam the streets like you're can you pretend so? on paths well worn and creased with our steps and discarded lang syne? let's forget we have something, its nothing..i shall fade away into the night, I'm just a figment of your memory, created for comfort, torn by passions.gone are the illusion, out here the stars intoxicate me, velvety vapor caresses my cheek..maybe I'm solo, but independence is the freedom i breathe on, parasitic in my love..the love lost and longed for in yellow mornings and passing hunger phases. you can forget me, i cannot forgive that easily, chocolate cannot be bought for so low a price. pray
what do i receive in return?
i shall not allow adhesive
or blank pages again.
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