aiko_outofsight (aiko_outofsight) wrote in theneutralclub,


"i thought she was happy,"
Bradley insisted, his mind
still wrapping around the facts. 

Sara paused. It had an effect.
Her silver nails rested; cupped
around a glass mug of Lipton tea.
"No, I think she was content. That's
not the same thing."

Bradley mumbled in assent.

Sara leaned closer, her voice
hushed in concern. "What was
that?" She questioned softly.

He gazed oblivious, in her
waiting sea blue eyes.

"I'm nothing," he replied. The
comment followed with a
helpless gesture. "I'm nothing
but a Baxter."

Sara sighed. Would he ever
see her? "Goodnight, Bradley.
I have a plane to catch." She
left him--open mouthed and
depressed in the corner of
Broadway and 7th.

Maybe his luck would change.
Or maybe he would realize
that you don't know what you
have until it's gone.
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